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VaxAid Peyronie's Disease Pump

VaxAid Peyronie's Disease Pump

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Our Vaxaid Peyronie's ED Pump has a wider entrance to the chamber allowing anyone suffering from mild Peyronies to enter the vessel. As the latest addition to our range of VaxAid ED pumps, our Peyronie's Pump has been developed following the recent publication of research determining that vacuum pumps can make a real difference for those suffering from Peyronie's Disease.

The study found that of the 31 patients who used a vacuum device for 12 weeks, 21 had a reduction in the angle of curvature by 5-25 degrees. According to the research, regular use of a vacuum pump can, in at least 68% of cases, seriously reduce the unnatural curvature and pain caused by Peyronie's Disease.

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What's included?

Along with the VaxAid Deluxe pump and handball, this kit comes complete with a full selection of accessories to optimise your experience:

6 Erection Rings (sizes depend on VaxAid model)
Medical Lubricant
VaxAid Clean 12ml
VaxAid Cleaning Brush
Shower Strap
Discreet Carry Case, Towel & Padlock
Long Insert Comfort Pad
Instruction Manual
Replacement valve pack

How VaxAid helps

When used in water, VaxAid produces consistent pressure across the entire penis, resulting in a completely natural-feeling erection, With an ideal VaxAid session lasting up to 15 minutes, it's a lot more convenient than other pumps. The handball included with VaxAid Deluxe adds a real level of convenience, letting users achieve the maximum safe level of pressure when used in water. The handball has an easy to use design, perfect for any user.

No Side Effects
Completely Safe to Use
Excellent Value for Money

How it works

VaxAid creates a vacuum around the penis, either using water or air pressure, drawing blood into the penis, resulting in a full erection. Used in either water or air, this produces a natural erection. With prolonged use, more blood is drawn in more frequently, expanding the Corpus Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum, giving you a prolonged erection and potentially helping to restore full sexual function. To maintain the erection, you may need to use one of the 5 unique, included Erection Rings.

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Peter O.r. (United Kingdom)
Vax good equipment

Great equipment, just starting to get to unstaned the equipment. My thanks