Frequently Asked Questions

Using VaxAid

What is VaxAid

VaxAid is a vacuum-based penis pump designed to help you achieve a full erection in a safe, comfortable and effective way. We offer two models of VaxAid pump. 

Uniquely, VaxAid can be used in either air or water, We recommend using the pump in air for sexual spontaneity and using the pump in water for a uniquely pleasurable hydrotherapy experience.

For more information about the effects of our pumps, head over to the VaxAid Collection page.

Does VaxAid really work?

Absolutely. A comprehensive study of vacuum pump users with erectile difficulties found that 90% were able to have sex after using a pump.

While VaxAid won't remove the problem preventing you from achieving or maintaining an erection, it's a way to safely create an erection. We've designed VaxAid to remove the dangers and problems of other pumps, giving you the best options available today. Learn more about how our hydro penis pump works.

Is VaxAid safe to use?

As a Class 2 Medical Device, VaxAid is completely safe to use. We've designed all of our pumps to ensure that there's no way to create an unsafe level of pressure inside the chamber. 

All our pumps are  completely safe, they're fully registered with major health organisations around the world.

What VaxAid models are available?

We now offer two VaxAid kits:

VaxAid Deluxe: Perfect if you're experiencing recurring erectile difficulties, VaxAid Deluxe combines pump power with an easy-to-use handball for maximum power and efficiency. In the kit there is a range of unique erection rings designed to maintain the erection after pumping. 

VaxAid Trainer: The first model in our range, VaxAid Trainer is ideal for those suffering from occasional or less-severe erection problems.

How do I use VaxAid, and how long for?

VaxAid is designed to be easy to use, with all the pumps designed to work in either water or air - you'll find a full set of instructions included with your pump, but as a basic overview:

In the shower or bath, just fill Vaxaid with warm water, attach it to your body and pump it towards you in order to form a vacuum (our Deluxe VaxAid penis pump model includes a handball for easier vacuum creation). If you're using VaxAid in the air, you'll need to use lubricant.

Once a sufficiently strong vacuum is formed, VaxAid will begin to pull blood into the penis, quickly resulting in an erection. We recommend using VaxAid for 15 minutes in any given session. Never exceed 15 minutes of daily use.

What makes VaxAid better than other pumps?

There's several key areas in which VaxAid significantly outperforms the competition: 

Results: VaxAid uses a unique water-based design to deliver superior, better-feeling pressure. With the gentle power of warm water providing the penis with the ultimate hydrotherapy workout. VaxAid pumps can also be used in air for sexual spontaneity.

Convenience: VaxAid is designed to be used in water, so it can be used whenever you shower or bathe, fitting into your life much easier than an air pump. However, VaxAid can also be used in air should you prefer, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Design: VaxAid has been built from the ground up to tackle some of the most common issues that users have with other vacuum pump options, completely wiping out the main objections, while providing the best possible performance in a convenient, easy-to-use form.

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Ordering Online

How do I order VaxAid?

It's easy to order VaxAid - you're on the right site already. Just head on over to our VaxAid Collection page to find the perfect model of vacuum pump for your requirements, and you'll be ready to go. If you're not sure what pump option is right for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team, and we'll be able to provide you with discreet, accurate advice.

Is the checkout secure?


All online transactions are secured by an authorised SSL Certificate with up to 256-bit encryption, ensuring that sensitive data is safe from prying eyes. An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the server using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL certificates are built around stringent, industry-leading authentication measures.

Does VaxAid include a warranty?

VaxAid vacuum pumps all come with a complete two-year warranty, which covers any manufacturer defects or issues. In order to claim with your warranty, you'll need to register your VaxAid, using the unique code printed on the pump.

If you'd prefer longer-lasting protection, we offer a collection of extended warranties in our VaxAid Accessories section, including an option for lifetime protection.

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Shipping & Returns

Is VaxAid sent discreetly?

Discretion really matters when it comes to intimate conditions, so you can be completely sure of privacy when you buy from VaxAid. We'll ship your order in discrete, unidentifiable packaging, while using a generic-sounding name on all billing and documents, to make sure that your order won't be wrongly detected.

We take your privacy seriously, so we also ensure that your personal data is stored securely, deleting any sensitive data when it's no longer needed.

How much does shipping cost?

Whichever of our vacuum pumps you choose, you can be sure of completely free international shipping, wherever you're located (outside of countries we can't legally sell to, as a UK-based company). However, if you'd prefer a faster shipping option, we offer some choices for expedited delivery, which you'll find at checkout.

When will my order arrive?

Where possible, we try to ship all orders on the day they're placed during the week. We work with a number of effective international distributors, so your package should arrive just a few days after it's ordered, unless you're located in a particularly remote area.

Can I return my VaxAid?

When you buy from VaxAid, we want to make sure that you're buying in confidence. After purchase, you'll have a full 60 days in which to test VaxAid's performance for yourself. If you're not satisfied for any reason, just get in touch and you'll be able to return your VaxAid for a complete refund.

Note: This offer is only valid if you buy your VaxAid through this website - we can't be liable for the return policy of any external VaxAid distributor or reseller.