Drugs for Erectile Problems

If you're having trouble gaining or maintaining an erection, one of the most commonly known treatments is the use of certain drugs. While some of these drugs can benefit users, they’re not quite as effective as they’re often thought to be.

Most of these drugs work by blocking the PDE5 enzyme, increasing blood flow into the penis upon sexual arousal. For many, this is sufficient, removing one of the key issues that prevents users from gaining erections. However, in many cases, users have found that the drugs aren’t sufficient, ending up unable to maintain the erection they create, while others are heavily put off by the potential side effects.

The Drawbacks of Penile Medication

In some cases, the drugs can come with some particularly troubling side effects. While the most common issues are relatively minor, including facial reddening and headaches, there’s a risk of far more severe consequences, particularly for those with preexisting heart issues, with potential side effects including heart attacks and strokes.

On a far less severe point, it’s worth considering the time delay necessitated by the use of any drug for erections. With some drug options taking over an hour to kick in, they're hardly the ideal choice for spontaneity.

Given the cultural perception of these drugs, it’s worth addressing a few other myths at this point:

  • Using these drugs will not enhance your libido.
  • You’re unlikely to experience a much larger erection than usual with these drugs.
  • Like other treatments, these drugs won’t cure the root cause of you not being able to gain/ maintain an erection.

Drug-Free Treatment

For a more effective way to regain sexual capacity, vacuum pumps like VaxAid are an ideal choice. Completely removing dangerous side effects, vacuum pumps help restore complete sexual capacity for approximately 9 out of 10 men.

By forming a vacuum around the penis, vacuum pumps draw in blood, quickly forming a lasting erection after just a couple of minutes - it’s that simple. We’ve designed VaxAid to be the single most effective vacuum pump around, addressing all of the issues that users commonly report with standard vacuum pumps.

With a discreet, simple-to-use design, VaxAid can be used by anyone unable to gain or maintain an erection for any reason. The first hydropump on the market, VaxAid can be used in water, without any need for awkward Erection Rings, while the advanced design of VaxAid Deluxe makes it easy to reach the maximum safe level of pressure for optimal results.

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