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VaxAid Trainer

VaxAid Trainer

Ideal for anyone with occasional or mild erectile difficulties.

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  • Includes 2-Year Standard Warranty
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Usable in Water or Air
One Size Fits Most
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  • Drug-Free and Safe
  • Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
  • National Health Service
  • CE marking
  • Secure SSL Encryption
  • Reccommend by Experts
  • Drug-Free and Safe


    Non-Drug Based

    Totally Safe

    About VaxAid Trainer

    Our VaxAid Trainer is a powerful vacuum pump that works as an effective, efficient, and discreet way to restore sexual function and improve erectile difficulties. Ideal if you occasionally experience an inability to achieve an erection - our VaxAid Deluxe is ideal if you experience more frequent problems. To maintain the erection, you may benefit from using an Erection Rings, available in packs of 5.

    What’s included?


    Along with the VaxAid Trainer pump itself, this kit comes with the following:

    • Male Libido Boosting Jelqing Enhancement Serum Sample
    • Full instruction manual, along with a USB drive containing more information

    Shipping, Warranty & Money-Back Guarantee

    Included when purchased through the VaxAid website:

    • Free, discreet worldwide shipping for any VaxAid pump
    • 2-year standard warranty
    • 60-day satisfaction guarantee

    Usable in Water or Air

    Ready in Minutes

    Effective for 9/10 Men

    Out of the box, VaxAid Trainer can easily be used in water, making it ideal for bath or shower use, providing a safe, discreet and comfortable experience. While we recommend the comfort and convenience of in-water use, the VaxAid Trainer can also be used in air.

    With either method, the erection will feel natural. After a few minutes, the erection will be full enough to restore full sexual function, with vacuum pumps proving effective for roughly 9/10 people.

    To maintain the erection, you may need to use one of VaxAid's Erection Rings: Select the right sized ring, apply lubrication if using the pump in air (not necessary if using the pump in water), pull onto the penis before you start pumping, and you'll quickly see full results.

    To learn about how Vaxaid can help you, read about The Science of Vaxaid.



    In Water: In the shower, hold the valve on your VaxAid Trainer closed while filling with warm water (in the bath, there's no need to close the valve). Insert your penis into the pump, push to create a seal, then release the valve if you're in the shower, and continue to pump in order to build up vacuum power.

    In Air: When you're ready, apply lubrication to your penis. Insert your penis into the pump, and start pumping against your body, until you reach a level of hardness you're comfortable with.

    one size fits most

    VaxAid Trainer is designed to fit the vast majority of men, working perfectly for anyone between 5 and 7 inches when erect (approximately 95% of all men). For those outside of this range, we stock alternate sizes of our VaxAid Deluxe, allowing you to achieve the full benefits of VaxAid's most powerful option.



    In order to measure yourself correctly your penis should be in an erect state. This will provide the most accurate method of ensuring you choose the correct pump.



    Measure your erect penis with a ruler pressed lightly onto your pubic bone. You`ll find using a measuring gauge is easier than a ruler.

    2-year standard warranty included

    To ensure enduring, effective performance, VaxAid pumps all come with a complete two-year warranty, which covers any manufacturer defects or issues. In order to claim with your warranty, you'll need to register your VaxAid, using the unique code printed on the pump.

    extended warranties available

    If you'd prefer longer-lasting protection, we offer a collection of extended warranties, including an option for lifetime protection. You can see the comparisons below:

    3-Year Warranty ($39.99)

    Extends your protection to 3 years from purchase.

    5-Year Warranty ($49.99)

    Extends your protection to 5 years from purchase.

    Lifetime Warranty ($79.99)

    We recommend extending your protection indefinitely with this Lifetime VaxAid Warranty. While this warranty will protect your purchase indefinitely, we recommend registering your VaxAid as soon as possible, as we delete any personal information we collect after a few years for your security.

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