VaxAid Trainer

Ideal for anyone affected by Premature Ejaculation or mild forms of Erectile Dysfunction, VaxAid Trainer is an effective, efficient and discreet way to restore sexual function and fight back against the effects of several intimate conditions. 

In a recent survey, 86% of those with ED who used an early VaxAid Trainer model reported noticeable improvement for the condition, rising to 93% after the first month of regular use. 79% of those surveyed also noted an improvement to their personal confidence, while 65% noted an increased libido, all as a result of their VaxAid usage. We guarantee satisfaction with VaxAid, courtesy of a full 60-day money back promise.

The Perfect Fit?

VaxAid Trainer is designed to fit the vast majority of men, working perfectly for anyone between 5 and 7 inches when erect (approximately 95%). For those outside of this range, we stock alternate sizes of VaxAid Deluxe, allowing you to achieve the full benefits of VaxAid.

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Designed for discreet, effective use, VaxAid Trainer is a powerful vacuum pump, built to support the needs of anyone suffering from a wide range of intimate conditions, including some forms of ED (though for those regularly experiencing ED, we recommend VaxAid Deluxe.

Out the box, VaxAid Trainer can easily be used in the water, making it ideal for bath or shower use. While we recommend the comfort and convenience of in-water use, VaxAid Trainer can be used in air with a set of Erection Rings.

However it's used, VaxAid creates a vacuum around the penis, drawing in blood, which quickly results in an erection. If the pump is used in water, this erection will feel natural, while in-air use can result in less satisfaction. After a few minutes, the erection will be full enough to restore full sexual function, with vacuum pumps proving effective for roughly 9/10 people.

Inside your VaxAid Trainer kit, you'll find the following:

  • VaxAid Trainer V7 Pump
  • Replacement Valve Pack
  • Jelqing Serum Sample
  • Full instruction manual, along with a USB drive containing more information

How Vaxaid helps ED