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Peyronie’s Disease Causes And Treatment

What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

Affecting roughly 10% of men, Peyronie’s Disease is one of the more common and serious penile conditions that can affect intimacy. Essentially, Peyronie’s Disease causes a buildup of fibrous scar tissue (also known as plaque) that develops on the penis, and curved, painful erections.

In many cases, this condition can have a real impact on the sufferer’s ability to lead an ordinary sexual life, with the curvature often being compounded by Erectile Dysfunction and stress and anxiety related to sexual intercourse. Additionally, Peyronie's disease signs and symptoms might appear suddenly or develop gradually.

Peyronie’s Disease Common Signs and Symptoms

  • Scar tissue The scar tissue associated with Peyronie's disease can typically be felt under the skin of the penis as flat lumps or a band of hard tissue
  • A bend to the penis This is the most common symptom associated with Peyronie’s disease. The penis may curve upward, downward, or bend to one side
  • Erection problems Peyronie's disease might cause recurring problems getting or maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Erectile pain Peyronie’s Disease can sometimes cause penile pain during intercourse

Peyronie’s Disease Causes And Treatments

Peyronie’s Disease may be caused by minor and/or repetitive injury to the penis, although exact causes remain uncertain. Treatment for the condition has presented serious challenges, and until recently, there hasn’t been any real option for Peyronie’s sufferers – especially for particularly severe cases.

Surgery can make a real difference, but the operation is quite complex and can be expensive, deterring many from considering it as an option.

In recent years, research has opened up another option for those affected by Peyronie’s. An extensive study found that over two-thirds of those experiencing Peyronie’s were able to reduce their curvature via the use of a vacuum pump, with researchers noting that pump use could reduce the requirement for surgery.

With this in mind, we’ve recently launched our Peyronie’s Pump, an all-new version of our vacuum ED pumps specially made to counteract the effects of Peyronie’s.

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How Vacuum Pumps Help With Peyronie’s

Vacuum pumps are an effective, scientific method for improving the effects of several intimate issues, and are approved for use by medical bodies around the world. On a basic level, vacuum pumps form a vacuum around the penis, which results in an erection as blood is pulled into the penis.

In cases of Peyronie’s Disease, the pressure applied by this vacuum and the increased blood flow may work in conjunction to essentially straighten out the penis, helping to improve the symptoms of Peyronie’s.

How Vaxaid Differs From Other Vacuum Pumps

VaxAid is quite different from other vacuum pumps, as it offers several additional features and options designed for unmatched user convenience.

While most vacuum pumps are awkward to use, requiring the use of lubricated Erection Rings, VaxAid is designed to be usable in both air and water, with in-water use requiring nothing but the pump itself (and providing an even level of pressure across the penis).

Our Peyronie’s Pump is specially shaped for those suffering from Peyronie’s Disease, with a widened chamber accommodating for practically any level of curvature. Depending on the severity of your condition, our standard VaxAid Deluxe may be a more effective choice – our VaxAid Deluxe accommodates a penile circumference up to 6.5 inches.

We’re Here to Help

Thanks to VaxAid, living with Peyronie’s Disease doesn’t have to alter your sex life as much as you think. Check out our How it Works page or FAQs to learn more about our products.

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