Vacuum Pumps for Erectile Problems

One of the most effective ways to gain and maintain an erection, vacuum pumps are estimated to restore full sexual ability for 9 out of 10 men with difficulty achieving erections. The simple-to-use, effective design of a vacuum pump can make a genuine difference, particularly when you choose the best pump available on the market.

We’re proud to be the manufacturers of VaxAid, the single best vacuum pump around. Because we've built VaxAid to avoid the frustrations associated with other vacuum pumps, you can be completely confident when you shop VaxAid. On this page, we’re explaining some of the science behind how vacuum pumps actually work - and why VaxAid is the best choice around.

The Mechanics of Vacuum Pumps

While you’ll often find vacuum pumps sold as sex toys, there’s a very scientific basis for their use, with the pumps having been designed from the start to give users the ability to gain an erection. Unfortunately, many people simply don't know what vacuum pumps do, with popular culture leading many to believe that pumps might super-charge the libido, practically double penis size, or any number of other claims. This misunderstanding has led to many being reluctant to consider the pumps as a legitimate medical treatment.

However, the mechanical basis for vacuum pumps is completely solid. By forming a vacuum around the penis, pumps pull in blood, quickly resulting in an erection. By continuing the pump session, more blood is drawn in, resulting in the expansion of erectile tissues for a lasting erection.

Historically, there have been some drawbacks for vacuum pumps, with many finding the pumps somewhat awkward to use. We’ve designed VaxAid as a direct response to these issues, enhancing the potential of vacuum pump treatment.

High-Performance VaxAid Pumps

VaxAid is the single most advanced vacuum pump available today. Following research and feedback from users across the world, we’ve built VaxAid to completely solve the most common issues reported with vacuum pumps:

  • Versatile Design: Uniquely, VaxAid can either be used in air, like other vacuum pumps, or in water, making it ideal for in-shower or bath use.
  • High-Power Performance: For fast, effective performance, VaxAid delivers significantly more vacuum power than other pumps, with VaxAid Deluxe letting users achieve the maximum legally safe level of pressure.
  • Discreet Use: When used in water, VaxAid doesn’t require the use of awkward Erection Rings or lubrication, making it an ideal option for discreetly restoring sexual function.
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