Interview with Dr James Barada MD

As an effective way to fight back against the effects of conditions like Erectile Dysfunction, VaxAid is widely recommended and prescribed by doctors across the world. Our pumps are fully registered with the FDA and NHS (along with several similar agencies worldwide).

Our ED pumps have made a real difference for a lot of those affected by intimate conditions, with a full 91% reporting some improvement for their ED after using VaxAid. You don't have to take their word for it, though - we sat down with Dr. James Barada, a consultant urologist working in New York (and an expert on ED), to discuss the effects of our pumps.

At the time of this interview, Dr. Barada was using an earlier model of our vacuum ED pumps, under a different name - we've subsequently improved them, adding a number of options to directly benefit those suffering from ED and similar conditions, including the recent launch of our Peyronie's Pump. Some key points from Dr. Barada:  

  • “The experience of patients that I have been given information on was that [VaxAid] was easy to acquire, and easy to use”.
  • “In my experience using a vacuum pump on a daily basis to maintain penile health is difficult to get patients to do, because it’s somewhat cumbersome and there’s a lot of messiness because of the need for gels, whereas [VaxAid] can be used in the privacy of the bath or shower. Some patients reported to me it’s actually kind of fun”.
  • “[VaxAid] does not require a prescription. I like the idea of incorporating it into their regular shower or bath hygiene because that’s a fixed time period. Using it daily is fine”.
  • “The number one response that I received was that they all have the perception of a... better or more satisfactory sexual experience”.

We're proud to be able to make a real difference to the lives of those suffering from conditions like Erectile Dysfunction, helping to restore confidence and sexual ability. From a recent survey, we've been able to improve the sex lives of 82% of our ED-affected customers, while over half of our users claim that VaxAid has genuinely improved their relationships.

If you're interested in what makes VaxAid work so well, click through to explore the Science of Vacuum ED Pumps section, or find the ideal VaxAid model for you with our VaxAid Collection.